The Light Burns Blue by Silva Semerciyan

The Light Burns Blue

By Silva Semerciyan

During the First World War, seventeen-year-old Elsie Wright fools the world into believing she has photographed fairies in her garden. An ambitious young reporter seeks to expose Elsie as a fraud. But as she looks at the facts, she begins to think there’s more to Elsie’s story than a simple hoax.

The Light Burns Blue

Script extract

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Elsie Wright: 17, the dreamer
Frances Griffiths: Elsie’s cousin, 15, the storyteller
Arthur Wright : Elsie’s father
Polly Wright: Elsie’s mother

Girls of Cottingley

(all are aged 16 or 17)
Vivie: the prankster, fun-loving vivacious
Betsy: naïve, sweet-natured, gentle
Mags: the theorist, loves to read
Flossie: the ‘middle child’ of the group, always feeling a bit left-out
Agatha: the dramatic one, a wannabe music hall performer
Janet: the pragmatist, a farmer’s daughter

Others of Cottingley

Reverend Cooper
Mrs Cooper
Mr Wyedale: the baker
Bob: a farmer
Betsy’s Mum
Mr Brown: an upright gentlemen
Mr Tindall: an elderly man
Mr Drake: a photographer, Elsie’s employer
Mr Catling: a local artist
Mr Gage: a local artist
Mrs Bell: a local artist
Thomas: a boy at Sunday school
Various Villagers including a pub landlord, seamstresses and a fishing net salesman

Employees of The Dispatch

Winifred Douglas: a journalist
Lillian Carter: the editor
Mary Wood:  a photographer

Additional Characters

Madame Blavatsky: a theosophist
Clarence Johnson: a clairvoyant


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: author and dedicated spiritualist